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Tips to Avoid Distractions.

Get more work done!

1. Put down to phone.

You already know this one. When your phone is out you are way more likely to pick it up and get distracted. Whether you’re checking facebook or answering a text from a friend, it’s best to just leave temptation at a minimum. If you don’t trust yourself, the new update to iPhones allows you to set restrictions of phone time, and can be even set to automatically block you from using social media sites during certain times of the day.


2. Don’t work while hungry.

If you find yourself constantly getting up from your work to fix a snack or repeatedly open the fridge than this tip is for you. Before you set down to work, make yourself eat something ahead of time. That way, you will already be full and no longer need to roam aimlessly around your kitchen. Part two of this tip, however, is make sure you DO NOT eat at your computer. One video while you eat can turn into hours of time wasting internet browsing. Eat first, then get to work.


3. Have a clear goal in mind.

It’s easy to sit down at a computer and say you’re doing “research” or “brainstorming”. Especially for those that work for themselves, or may not have specific deadlines. So it’s best to come up with specific goals for the things that you want to accomplish in a given day. For instance, if your goal is to write a blog post for your site ( aka – my goal of the day), actually go through a come up with your points, paragraphs, or an outline. Write out WHAT you  want to accomplish as well as HOW you are going to accomplish that thing. Try to stick to that list and cross things off more than one. Seeing items checked off will also keep you motivated to continue crossing more things off.


4. Listen to music. Or don’t.

Some people say that listening to music makes them more distracted than silence, while others swear they need their headphones to work. Either way, figure out what works best for you and then do it. If you can’t focus while your favourite song is playing, then don’t keep trying to make it work for you just because you think you should, or because everyone else does. If you need a compromise, there a tons of playlists and music that is dedicated to productivity, and studying.  A lot of this type of music is for background use, and doesn’t contain any lyrics, so its perfect for zoning out and getting into your workflow.


5. Organize your life.

Yes a clean desk will help with avoiding distractions, but so will a clear desktop ( or computer, in general) . Organize all your files for work and categorize everything you can and what needs to get done. Keep you visible tab bookmarks to a minimum and professional so that you aren’t tempted to click on distracting tabs (like Pinterest and Facebook)  while trying to get stuff done. Clear off that cluttered desktop and keep everything neat so that you can open your computer and actually see what needs to be finished instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything at once.


6. Rent an office.

Sometimes the distractions of home are just too great even for the best of us. If you work from home, you know how difficult it can be to do serious work in the comforts of your own home. There are just unavoidable distractions that will inevitably stop you from getting the most done possible. The act of getting dressed and being in a change of scenery can also drastically improve productivity. Renting an office gets you out of the house into a place where the distractions are kept at a minimum.