Single Office

Our single offices are private, spacious, and come furnished with everything you need to get started. Feel free to change the layout of the space or bring in personal touches to really make a home for your business. Single offices are perfect for self-starters and entrepreneurs that need a professional space for meeting with clients, and a productive environment to get work done.

Double Office

Our double office is perfect if you require more room, have a business partner, or a small team. Everyone can work together in the same space, while still having more than enough room for individual work. Once again, the double offices comes fully furnished. There are many layout options available to best suit you and your company.


The Boardroom is just the right spot for all your business meetings or seminars. It seats up to 7 people, and comes equipped with Chromecast for presentations and seminars. The boardroom is included with all monthly contracts, or can be rented for just $35 an hour, or $200 for the day. All we require is a 24 hour advanced booking notice.

coworking space


The Co-Working space offers the ability to rent out individual desks. Whether that’s only one desk, or the entire room, you only pay for what you need.  Co working allows the most flexibility where you can work surrounded by like-minded individuals in an engaging, productive space.

The Co-working space is also perfect for larger meetings, conferences, and gatherings. It comfortably seats 12- 15 people.


Virtual Office

A Virtual Office is perfect for those who don’t require a physical office space. Even if you work from home, we provide you with a company address, and a business presence on our office directory and website. We can also assist you with a phone answering service, mail service, and administrative support. All packages include access to our boardroom, or an office (if available), should you need to meet with clients or host a seminar or meeting. Renting a Virtual Office can also be beneficial for large companies who need more than one location, or where all employees work from home. Employers can use a Virtual Office as a central hub for many tasks such as new employee training, monthly sales meetings, client meetings, or staff meetings.
flat lay office decor

Mail Service

Our mail service gives you the ability to have all you mail received at our offices. From there you can pick up at our location or have us forward the mail to your home. This way, you do not have to use your home address, and you have a professional, downtown address. Similarly, if you do decide you need to have a meeting in our boardroom or office, you can tell your clients the same address, something that you can not do if you use mail services from UPS, for example.

Many more options available. Book a tour to come in and see for yourself.

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