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6 Reasons to Rent in an Open Office Space 

6 Reasons to Rent in an Open Office Space 

1. Professional Appearance 

Imagine you have an upcoming meeting with very important clients. Since you work out of your home you have two options. 

You clean your home all day, making sure that it’s show ready, and kicking your family or roommates out so that you can meet your clients. Then, as you’re sitting down to your meeting,  your home phone rings, the laundry machine starts going off, and your kids come out of their rooms to ask you a question. 

So you then decide to meet them at a local coffee shop. People around you are ordering coffee, the barista is yelling out names, the music coming through the speakers is blaring and you can hardly hear your client. 

Luckily, there is a third option. 

You rent out a professional office in a shared office space. 

Suddenly, you have complete privacy with no distractions, the receptionist brings your client to your office, and you leave a professional first impression. 

2. Flexibility

When you purchase or even lease a private office, you are usually forced into long term contracts. Then once you get into your office, you may discover you have noisy neighbours, that you aren’t in the right location to best serve your clients, or that you need to expand sooner than you expected. 

With flexible options, from daily office rentals, to boardroom rentals, to monthly and yearly rentals, you can choose whatever option fits your business right now. There are also plenty of office sizes available, so it’s easy to expand when you need to, without having to move. 

3. Low Start Up Costs and Lower Risk

When you purchase an office for your business there are a lot of startups costs. First of all you have to put a deposit on the space itself. Then you have insurance costs, phone set up, wifi set up, and any renovations and furnishing you need to do. With so much money down, there is a higher risk in investing in such a space. With shared offices, everything is already set up, from the phone to the furniture. You pay a minimal amount, so there is practically no investment, and you can try out the space for a month or two and see if it works for you. 

4. Admin Assistant

Running your own business can be stressful, and there are often times when you wished you had an extra hand. When you rent out an office, you usually get a receptionist to answer phone calls and greet clients, and can even pay for administrative support. This way, someone can help you do your printing, receive your mail, remind you of meetings and so much more. Since you’re getting an assistant as part a package with your office, you don’t have to pay premium prices for an employee! 

5.  Change of Scenery

Often times we get into a routine and stay in the same stale environment and wonder why we aren’t getting any work done. We often just need a change of scenery, to be out in the world, or to be around people to work more efficiently. Getting out of the house can do wonders for your work ethic. Shared Offices are also great because once you start to feel stale sitting in your office, you can always do some work in the kitchen or the other shared spaces to switch things up.

6. Networking 

While there won’t be same amount of people as a coffee chop ( thank goodness), A shared office space gives you the chance to network with similar minded people. If you rent an office you will be surrounded by other budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners. You may make an important connection getting coffee, or bounce ideas off a marketing expert on your way to your office.